About Russian borsch

Many people outside the former USSR heard about a sort of Russian, Bellorussian and Ukranian soup known as borsch (borscht). And of course, some of gourmets would like to know how to cook borsch at home.

Russian borsch

Russian borsch is cooked on the bone, meat and mushroom broth, as well as on broth cooked on geese and ducks. There are vegetarian kinds of borsch too.

The most characteristic feature of almost all kinds of borsch is using red beet and tomatos (except in «green borsch») while cooking the soup. Onions, carrot and greens are used in all kinds of borsch, but parsley is excluded from the so called «Siberian borsch».

Other vegetables, such as cabbage, potatos, pepper, sorrel, squashes, mushrooms are also used to cook borsch, depending on its kind.

Properly cooked borsch should have crimson colour and sourish taste. The colour is achieved by specially cooked red beet, which must be cut to stick-like slices, then fried 5-6 minutes with cut tomatos and put into boiling borsch.
Next time I will tell you in detail how to cook three kinds of Russian borsch.

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