Audio restoration


My name is Igor and I’ve been engaged in repairing noisy audio recordings for quite a few years already.

I had to clean up my own audio recordings such as bass, acoustic guitar parts and vocals of many home singers, so I began to study the art of audio restoration several years ago. At present I reduce and remove hiss and noise from audio recordings to order.

You can contact me via this email ( for cleaning up audio or recording custom jaw harp parts, like I played in my video.

Here is an example of how an acoustic guitar sound may be cleaned up from hiss:

  1. Acoustic guitar – sound with hiss:


  2. The same guitar – cleaned up sound:



And this is a very noisy bass guitar recording. The bass guitar was ungrounded, that is why there is such a terrible electricity supply noise:

  1. Bass guitar – noisy:


  2. The same bass guitar – cleaned up sound:



You can send me any type of noisy audio or video recording and I will do my best to clean it up. It may be your commercial, an audiobook or any voice-over, as well as a poorly recorded interview. So my service is useful for freelancers earning by their voice, and for reporters too.


Noise removal throughout the whole audio file

Usually the so called noise gate is used to reduce or remove hiss and noise from audio. But such method affects only noise in gaps between useful sounds such as human voice or music. Meanwhile noise during useful audio signal is left intact, that is you can hear it even after processing audio material.

I use spectral analysis and repair instead of noise gating, so the noise is reduced or totally eliminated throughout audio files, that is you won’t hear noise or hiss while a voice or a musical instrument sounds, in most cases.


Improving the sound of musical instruments

Besides cleaning up voice and vocals I also tackle the problem of noise and hiss in musical instruments recordings. For instance you have recorded an acoustic guitar, bass or a wind-instrument, and unfortunately the audio files turned out to be noisy or with hiss. I can help remove the noise and hiss from such audio files or lower the unwanted artifacts as much as possible. After that you can mix the recorded audio tracks and master your song.

Don’t try to remove hiss and noise yourself before sending me your audio recordings for cleaning up. For best results there must be 5-10 seconds of audio without useful sound, just noise or hiss. For example, do not stop recording at once after having played your musical instrument, let it record for about another 5-10 seconds.

Send me your audio in the original quality, that is in the same audio format that you recorded your audio. Usually it’s WAV or AIFF – 16, 24 or 32 bit, 44100 Hz or higher.

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