August evening


Last August there was a perfect evening at the place where I’ve been living. So I took my brother’s camera and went out to make some shots around our village house.

Wormwood grows in large quantities around our house and I decided to take photographs of this volatile-oil-bearing plant.

Wormwood in blossom


The gentle tips of the herb are used as a spice:


Central Asia comes into my mind every time I put a little of the herb into a hot dish, because there is much sagebrush growing at the mountain slopes in Kyrgyzstan, where I used to live before, and the smell of wormwood reminds me of my native land.


Coltsfoot is seen here and there around our place too, it blossomed in April and now only the leaves are present. Just as coltsfoot flowers, coltsfoot leaves are used for medical purposes too.


Cow parsnip grows almost everywhere in Russia. Some kinds of the herb are edible, and there is also a poisonous genus of cow parsnip. Its juice makes human skin vulnerable to ultraviolet light, when skin contacted with the juice is exposed to sunlight, for example. Such cow-parsnip-to-skin-contact may cause rash, blisters and dermatitis, the severity of which depends on the quantity of the juice and the sensitivity of an individual’s skin.

I remember how we used to eat edible kinds of cow parsnip in Siberian forests while visiting our relatives who live at that eastern part of the Russian Federation.


We’ve also got a sea buckthorn tree with rather big and tasty yellow berries. Every fall there are lots of them on the tree.


The last two photographs were made at sunset not far from our house too:

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