Big Dmitrovka Street

This is Big Dmitrovka Street in Moscow (Bolshaya Dmitrovka in Russian). It was photographed on the 9th of May this year by my junior brother. As you probably know, V-Day is celebrated this day every year in Russia.

Big Dmitrovka

Big Dmitrovka Street in Moscow


The next photo was also made somewhere in the center of Moscow the same day:

May 9, Moscow, Russia

Moscow citizens celebrate V-Day


Fragrant yellow flowers

Every year in the middle of summer some fragrant yellow flowers appear around our country house. This year they started to blossom too. I don’t know what their name is, but these flowers smell very nicely. If anyone recognizes the flower – please leave a comment telling what the pleasant flower is called.

A fragrant yellow flower


The Moon

Last night I set a tripod in the field between our house and the river, which flows by our place. The Moon was shining bright, I photographed it and here you can see what came out of it.

The moon