A lake in Kraskovo

Three days ago I was in Moscow on the burial of my first cousin. She was only 44. Massive stroke. After the burial I photographed the nearest lake around her former residence in Kraskovo, that is not far from Moscow.

There is one more lake over this one and one more to the right, which is smaller than the first two lakes.

A lake in the Moskow suburb


Railway bridge over Vyazma River


There is a railway bridge over Vyazma River about 87,5 yards (80 meters) from our countryside house. A couple of years ago trains rolling past our place were not so noisy as they are these days. I presume it’s because wooden sleepers have been renewed and replaced with concrete ones, and now trains make a big noise rushing over the railway bridge. They are too loud now, indeed.

Tank-cars locomotive

Deserted lake

There was nobody else except me near the lake when I photographed it, because of the dull and cloudy weather that evening. Usually there are lots of people swimming in the lake and tanning around its shores on sunny summertime days.

Dull lake in the evening


I swam there several times too, and I can say that the lake is rather dangerous. The water is very dark and dirty at a depth of one meter and below, though it is inconspicuous from the shore. So, if someone drowns, it’s hard to find and save drowning swimmers in the dark water.

Besides, there is a transmission line almost above the surface of the lake, you can see the pillars of the power line on the opposite shore. It is very unsafe to swim there.

Three pictures of Osh City in 2008

This is the sequel of my Central Asian photographs series. On the first photo you see a street of the ancient Osh City, which is situated in Southern Kyrgyzstan. This photograph was made in late May of 2008, as well as the other two images below.


At that time some Russians might still be seen there, I don’t know if there are any nowadays, after the latest inter-ethnic armed conflict between Kyrgyz population and Kyrgyzstan citizens of Uzbek origin.