Eggs fried with onion

The amount of ingredients is calculated for an ordinary adult person. This is a quick-cooking dish and not many products are required to cook it. Besides, it helps increase men’s potency, if you eat this at least once a week.

Take 4 or more fresh eggs, these may be either hen’s or quail’s eggs. Mix them in a bowl with a cut onion, a small bunch of green spring onions would do the best.

 Eggs and spring onions


Green spring onions


Next, take about 100 grams (0.22 pounds or 3.5 ounces) of salted pork fat (it may be replaced by boiled meat, fish without bones or fresh shrimps), chop it all to little pieces (shrimps don’t need the procedure) and mix with already mixed eggs and onions. Add a little salt to taste, if you like salted dishes, but don’t salt too much.

Salted pork fat

A slice of pork fat



Put the mixture into an oiled frying-pan and begin to fry. When it’s almost ready, pour a shreded small bunch of parsley onto the frying eggs. That’s all!

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