I am going to move

I’ve been living in a little town 143 miles (230 kilometers) from Moscow since 2007 up to now.

Over this period I got bored by this undeveloped area, and I am going to move to Moscow soon. I will rent an apartment there with broadband internet to work comfortably, because my internet connection here is very slow and unstable.

These are some photos made in the place where I live for the time being:

On the way from our suburban house to the town

Between town and village


The town where I have been living


Foolish villagers burn dry grass every spring:

Burnt grass in a russian village


Railroad bridge not far from our home:

Railroad to Europe


The boring landscape of my place of residence:

The old town where I live in the meanwhile


I lived in Moscow since 2005 till 2007, when I divorced.

And here are some shots of Moscow City, made by my brother who lives there:

Red Square at night  

Moscow City is under construction


Moscow Kremlin


These sleeping girls were my brother’s guests, they are sisters of one of his friends:

 Sleeping girls in Moscow


And these are the same girls on an excursion to the Red Square:

Near St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow


Moscow at night:

Nocturnal Moscow



Historical architecture in Moscow, Russia


This is the entrance to one of Moscow subway stations, called «Metro station of the 1905 Street»:

Moscow metro entrance - 1905 Street


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  1. Hi very nice &short &usefull.please add more pics from Moscow and yours.
    Best regards
    Morteza Ziarani

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