I have returned from Moscow

Well, on the 11th of this December I had to escape from Moscow back to the provincial town where I live. I couldn’t stay in the capital of Russia any more.

After I had arrived to Moscow a month ago, I found a hostel with the help of my junior brother, who used to live in the hostel before he married a couple of years ago. At first I was glad having found a cheap place to live in Moscow. The room cost me just $233 a month. But very soon I began to understand that it was a very bad place to live and work.

As I earn money by blogging and writing articles for other people, I have to sit most of the time by my desktop. For the first days I had to use this old computer till my brother brought me mine.

An old computer in the hostel


But it was not possible in that horrible hostel. It has turned out to be a dirty and stinky place with very noisy and often drunk people, who screamed every morning and every evening till late at night. And even at nights some drunkards often screamed and shouted. I couldn’t work and sleep at all.

Hostel room door


I found out that people in the city of Moscow are crazy freaks, not all of course, but most of those that I saw and heard were crazy and noisy.

So at last I decided to return home for a while, till a save up money enough to rent a decent one-room apartment to work and live comfortably, because one can’t write in such noisy and disturbing conditions, and I spent almost all of my money in Moscow and couldn’t earn anything because of the above-mentioned.


This is the subway station from which the hostel is not far from:

Subway station


And this is where my senior cousin lives, he owns a one-room apartment in the very south of Moscow:

Southern Moscow area

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