I want to get out of here

I live in a countryside. I’ve been living here for about 6 years already, since I divorced. Rural life is not bad by itself, it is better than living in a city or even in a little town. But one negative side of living here is the lack of water in some places. For example, I have to carry water for drinking and washing from a remote well every day.

Most of all I hate barking dogs that neighbors keep at their yards. But this problem exists even in cities. When I lived in towns, some stupid neighbors kept pesky dogs, some of which barked all day long. And now our next door neighbors keep an Alsatian that never shuts up. Maybe I’ll poison the unbearable creature some day.

I’m planning to move to the capital of Russian Federation by the forthcoming summer. It’s enough for me to live here, almost 145 miles from Moscow. I can’t get a normal speed internet connection in this little town, where I still live.

Here is a picture taken last summer. It’s the road from the village where my house is situated, and the village is about 20 minutes walking on foot from the houses on this photograph.

A car driving along the countryside road in summer

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