I will never die

Since my early youth I often thought about immortality. You probably watched some movies featuring immortals, or maybe you read a book telling about immortals. Of course, all of them are fictious, but there is a grain of truth in that relative immortality is possible.

When I was 19 years old I bought a book written by some scientist in Moscow. The book was left in Central Asia, where I lived till 2004, that’s why I can’t remember the author’s name. But I remember his interesting ideas about longevity.

«Our lifespan depends on our attitude to our age and health, and to how many years we can live», said the scientist in his book. «In other words, if you think that having reached 60 or less years of age you shall be unhealthy and old, then it will happen so».

This made me think. What if a normal healthy human would be sure that he or she can live as long as (s)he wants? Scientist still can’t explain why a few people live over 100 years, while the majority dies at much earlier age. Some gerontologists believe that people may live much longer than they do now.

I started to practice autogenic training, convincing myself that I shall live 2000 years, hoping that it would make my organism last longer. Many people say that I look younger than I am, though I was practicing autogenic training about 10 years ago last time, and I also drank much spirits and smoked cigarettes very hard.

Six months ago I gave up smoking completely and two months ago I determined to quit drinking alcohol. Now I feel myself much healthier than half a year ago and I’m not going to poison myself any longer.

What else can help prolong human life? Eat natural and healthy food, don’t drink artificial chemical beverages and other unnatural products that are usually sold in supermarkets and grocery stores. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, drink clear water and don’t be obsessed by medicines. Regular and moderate physical training will help you maintain cheerfulness and body’s health. Don’t feel yourself old lest you should become as such.

I have resumed my autogenic training experiences, and there is no doubt that it will help me rejuvenate myself.

Find a good teach-yourself manual on autogenic training somewhere on the internet or buy such a book and practice autogenic training, think that you will live several hundred or even thousand years of healthy and happy life, and remember – no doubts!

And the last, but not the least. If you live in overcrowded conditions, your everyday life may be filled with stress. If so, try to move into a separate apartment or a country house in a quiet area. Mental stress and anxiety do not make us healthier.  

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