Juniper again

Four more photos from Roman Gilmanov from Southern Kyrgyzstan. He photographed juniper trees in a mountainous area somewhere around Khaidarkan, where people usually go mushroom-picking in late spring and in the first half of summer.

Juniper hills

Mountain juniper growing in Central Asia is a tree with fragrant evergreen branches. Its bluish-black berries are used in making gin from refined moonshine, and the smell of juniper’s branches is very nice and healthy, because as all conifers it emits volatile bactericide agents and fragrant essential volatile oil. Sometimes it is also used as New Year’s tree.

Foothill covered with Central Asian mountain juniper


This is a ravine between mountains somewhere between Khaidarkan and Ohna in Southern Kyrgyzstan.

Mountain ravine


And the photo below shows us an edible mountain mushroom:

Mountain mushroom

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