My funny cat Musia

More than 3 years ago I was walking home on a hot August day. It was a pretty long way remaining to go when I noticed a little white kitten with dark spots on her head and tail. I phoned to my mother and offered to bring the kitten home, and she agreed. Here are some photos, which were made with an old mobile phone, that’s why they are of low quality.

Of course, the cat has grown up since then, and later I will publish her latest images here.

The little kitten Musia has been brought home

Nice and shy kitten

Kitten on the grass

Cat looks through the window glass

Cat's cozy bed

Funny kitten's muzzle

Kitten sat on my thigh

Kitten stretched itself on the sofa

Kitten under umbrella

Young cat and computer

Sweet sleep of my kitten

Kitten wonders what is outside

Sleeping little cat

My kitten's on my chair

Playing kitten

Musia the cat is fast asleep

Nice little cat

My kitten looks up at me

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