Rusk kvass


This time I’ll tell you how to cook rusk kvass (natural kvass is usually cooked from rusks).

Rye bread


First of all, you’ll need rye-bread rusks, which is to be roasted a little – make sure not to overroast them. Then pound the rusks to very little pieces and pour the pounded mass little by little into preliminary boiled and cooled water (till 80º Celsius or 176 º Fahrenheit), stirring the water and rusks continually.

For 7 liters of water you’ll need 1 kilogram of rye-bread rusks. The mixture of water and rusks must be drawn for about an hour and a half in a warm place, stir the mixture periodically. Then pour out the wort to another vessel, and the wet rusks should be mixed with another 5 liters of boiled lukewarm water and drawn for about 2 hours once again.

After that pour out this second wort and join together with that wort you had got earlier before that. Add 300 grams of sugar, 3-4 mint leaves, 25 grams of barm dissolved in the wort, and leave it to ferment for about 12 hours. The temperature of the wort must be 23-25º Celsius  all the time during fermentation.

Jar with Russian kvass

Kvass is almost ready, it just needs to be filtered and cooled. The beverage must be kept in a cool place not more than for a couple of days, preferably it should be drunk up during the first 24 hours after having been produced.

A glass of kvass

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