Siberian river Telbes

These shots were taken in Kemerovo region, Siberia, the beginning of September, 2015.

The river presented here is called Telbes, it’s approximately 80 kilometers long (about 50 miles). The region is mountainous and overgrown with taiga.

A boulder in the middle of Telbes river

A cobweb on a withered grass stem

Aquatic plants in the river

Aquatic plants of Telbes river

Misty banks of Telbes

Misty rocks behind a bend of the Telbes river

Mountain ash

Mountainous Siberia

Mountain slope above Telbes river

Picturesque river pebbles and rocks

River pebbles

River Telbes in the mountainous taiga

River Telbes overgrown with aquatic plants

Rocky banks of Siberian Telbes river

Seething waters of Telbes

Shallow Telbes river

Siberian fall

Siberian honey agarics

Steep rocky banks overgrown with conifers

Telbes flows through mountainous Siberian taiga

Telbes river shallows

The fog over Telbes river

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