Wild duckling

About half an hour ago I went out of my house and suddenly I noticed some live and dark creature running away from me, then it rushed to our bathhouse and disappeared behind its door.

I walked into the bathhouse and saw a little wild duckling, sitting in the right corner under the table and looking scared and very nice at the same time.

 Wild duckling

I caught the little bird and brought it into the house, not knowing what to do with the creature. At first I was going to feed and breed it, but then I changed my mind and decided to release the duckling. There is a river beside my house, and I brought the wild duckling to its banks. The duckling ran away and hid in the grass.


Speckled owlet

This owlet was photographed in midsummer last year somewhere around a village in the nearest forest. The owlet seemed to be not afraid of the photographer at all. It kept sitting in its nest as if people were not present.

Owlet in its nest

Bullfinches in Moscow

Life on our planet is unimaginable without birds. Here are some essential roles that birds play in ecosystem:

  1. They act as pests quantity regulators, thus preventing flora destruction, and even pick out parasites from other animals’ skins.
  2. They help disseminate seeds by eating fruits at one place and then dropping the undigested seeds along with their excrement, which is also a fertilizer.
  3. Many people enjoy birds nice singing and plumage.
  4. Poultry is an important source of food.

The birds depicted on the photographs below are called bullfinches. They are painted in red from the neck to the abdomen, making them look very bright and visible.


Ugra – a picturesque place in Central Russia

There is a little town called Ugra, it is situated in Smolenskaya oblast south to Vyazma region. It was in late May of last year when a friend of mine, Igor Sysin, sent me some pictures made by himself around this town.

First of all, I decided to publish those of the pictures, which were made outside Ugra, with only natural landscapes. Later I will publish photos from Ugra depicting military memorials.

On the first photo you may see a stork, flying somewhere above the bushes.

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