Three pictures of Osh City in 2008

This is the sequel of my Central Asian photographs series. On the first photo you see a street of the ancient Osh City, which is situated in Southern Kyrgyzstan. This photograph was made in late May of 2008, as well as the other two images below.


At that time some Russians might still be seen there, I don’t know if there are any nowadays, after the latest inter-ethnic armed conflict between Kyrgyz population and Kyrgyzstan citizens of Uzbek origin.


Kremlin in Moscow

Today I decided to publish 4 snapshots made at the end of 2010 in Moscow by a friend of mine, who lives in Kaliningrad (Koenigsberg) now. The photographs were made near Kremlin.

On the first photo you may see my friend’s girlfriend, she is a student of some university in Moscow:

A girl near the Kremlin wall in Moscow


On the second snapshot soldiers («guard of honour») are marching along the Kremlin’s wall:

Kremlin's guard of honour


Kremlin clock tower:

Clock tower - Kremlin


Green lawn around Kremlin:

Part of Moscow Kremlin - outside view