Pregnant cat

My cat Musya (Moosya), whose photo I had already published here before, is pregnant. It becomes pregnant several times a year, and now the time has come again.


And below you may see two of her kittens, the photo was made two years ago, when they were little. They were given away as a gift to some of my mother’s acquaintances.

Camel in the city

About 3 months ago I went to Moscow, the capital of Russia, which is 230 kilometers (about 143 miles) from the town where I live.

I was visiting my senior cousin, and when he showed me his photographs that he had made in Moscow, I noticed a funny picture, where a Bactrian camel lies on the ground not far from multistory city buildings. The picture was made on the 8th of October this year on the southern outskirts of Moscow, Russia:

Bactrian camel


It seemed to me very strange to see a camel in the big city. Before this time I saw camels only in Central Asia, while traveling by train through the vast wilderness of Kazakhstan.