Moscow black cat

This cat was photographed sitting on a tree not far from the center of Moscow, next to the apartment house where my junior brother lives with his wife and children.

Black cat sitting on a tree


There are many pets in Moscow, especially cats, that is why rats population has reduced significantly now, compared to the time when Moscow was occupied by rats about 10 years ago.

Musia with her kitten

My cat Musia gave birth to her first only kitten in July 2009, being more than 1 year of age. Since then she bears kittens rather often, about 3 times a year.

Satisfied kitten sleeps with his mother

I have to drown most of of her litters, when kittens are very little, because almost all people in our small town and its outskirts have cats in their homes and no one wants to take kittens.

The cat is feeding her kitten

But some of them find their owners, that’s why we leave not more than one kitten sometimes, because cats may fall ill, if they don’t feed kittens at all.

My funny cat Musia

More than 3 years ago I was walking home on a hot August day. It was a pretty long way remaining to go when I noticed a little white kitten with dark spots on her head and tail. I phoned to my mother and offered to bring the kitten home, and she agreed. Here are some photos, which were made with an old mobile phone, that’s why they are of low quality.

Of course, the cat has grown up since then, and later I will publish her latest images here.

The little kitten Musia has been brought home

Nice and shy kitten Here are the rest 16 photos