Ripening cherries

Though we’ve had a rather cool weather during June, cherries are almost ripe already.

Cherries in shadow

Ripening cherries


And this is just a boulder in the field grass, which was photographed by my junior brother’s wife yesterday, as she had a walk with her children – my nephew and niece.

A big bolder in the grass

Sunset photos

There was a nice sunny evening and later a picturesque sunset in the village where I live. I decided to take some photos and publish them here.

Sun setting between trees


When I lived in a small settlement in Central Asia till August 2004, I often had such an opportunity to enjoy great sunsets, especially in spring and summer. Sunsets were so beautiful there after the rain, the mountains surrounding our settlement used to turn orange and red and in April there were also blossoming apricot trees, which smelt much better than any expensive perfume.

Double rainbow over the railroad

Roofs and trees under the cloudy sunset

Birch and clouds

Trees and cloudy sky