Velikiy Ustyug

These days people travel a lot, like never before, thanks to modern ways of transportation which include trains, airplanes and cars. Our ability to travel today depends only on money and our own aspiration for travel.

Also, there are many potential travelers who just do not know where to go.

Today I’d like to give my readers advice on where to go in Russia, in case they are interested in taking photographs of old churches and other architecture of the past.

One of such places is the town of Velikiy Ustyug (The Great Mouth of the South River), that is situated in North-Western part of Russia. Here are four photos taken in that ancient Russian town:

River Suhona - view from a belfry

Velikiy Ustyug in the night

Trinity-Gleden Abbey

Russian Father Frost


Railway bridge over Vyazma River


There is a railway bridge over Vyazma River about 87,5 yards (80 meters) from our countryside house. A couple of years ago trains rolling past our place were not so noisy as they are these days. I presume it’s because wooden sleepers have been renewed and replaced with concrete ones, and now trains make a big noise rushing over the railway bridge. They are too loud now, indeed.

Tank-cars locomotive