A lake in Kraskovo

Three days ago I was in Moscow on the burial of my first cousin. She was only 44. Massive stroke. After the burial I photographed the nearest lake around her former residence in Kraskovo, that is not far from Moscow.

There is one more lake over this one and one more to the right, which is smaller than the first two lakes.

A lake in the Moskow suburb

An old married couple in Central Asia

The spouses had become street vendors long before they got pensioned off. They worked at Kadamzhay antimony plant till their old age and kept on trading on the street. Unlike many other former antimony plant workers they became rather rich thanks to private trade and even used to lend money to many other inhabitants of Kadamzhay settlement. My brother photographed them 3 years ago.

Old spouses

The spouses were our neighbors when we lived in Kadamzhay. The old man died last year and after his decease his wife moved to Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyz Republic, and lives there with her daughter.

A hike around Vyazma

On the 8th of last May my junior brother came from Moscow for a holiday and we went to the center of Vyazma late in the morning. It was a shiny and warm weather and we bought a tin of juice per each of us. As usual, I made several pictures with my digital camera. Two of those photos are here. The first one was made not far from our house.


And the second one was made about 10 minutes on foot from the center of the town. It is a house on Kronshtadtskaya street.