A cemetery amid mountains

A cemetery amid mountains


This scenery was photographed on April 22, 2015. It’s the old Russian cemetery above an industrial (in the past) town in the southwestern part of Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia. The town is called Kadamjay (Kadamzhay), also known as Pulgon, 30 kilometers south of an ancient Uzbek city called Fergana (Fargona).

Pulgon and its cemetery

Cherry, fir and burdock

These three shots were taken in the beginning of July, 2012. I like to photograph animals, plants and landscapes but not people as much.

Fir branches

I’ve got an inexpensive camera model – Nikon Coolpix S3200. It’s enough for me for the time being. But I’m gonna buy a more advanced camera a little later, to take shots while traveling.

Blossoming burdock

Three ripe cherries