Sunset photos

There was a nice sunny evening and later a picturesque sunset in the village where I live. I decided to take some photos and publish them here.

Sun setting between trees


When I lived in a small settlement in Central Asia till August 2004, I often had such an opportunity to enjoy great sunsets, especially in spring and summer. Sunsets were so beautiful there after the rain, the mountains surrounding our settlement used to turn orange and red and in April there were also blossoming apricot trees, which smelt much better than any expensive perfume.

Double rainbow over the railroad

Roofs and trees under the cloudy sunset

Birch and clouds

Trees and cloudy sky

Pussy-willow opens its buds

I was in town a week ago, to pay the bills in one of the local banks. Fortunately, I had my brother’s camera with me, so I was able to make this shot. This is pussy-willow, it had just started to open its buds. At first the pussies are white and fluffy, and later they become greenish-yellow.


Deserted lake

There was nobody else except me near the lake when I photographed it, because of the dull and cloudy weather that evening. Usually there are lots of people swimming in the lake and tanning around its shores on sunny summertime days.

Dull lake in the evening


I swam there several times too, and I can say that the lake is rather dangerous. The water is very dark and dirty at a depth of one meter and below, though it is inconspicuous from the shore. So, if someone drowns, it’s hard to find and save drowning swimmers in the dark water.

Besides, there is a transmission line almost above the surface of the lake, you can see the pillars of the power line on the opposite shore. It is very unsafe to swim there.

Fir and juniper in Alay range of mountains

There is a great abundance of volatile-oil-bearing plants in the hills and mountains of Central Asia. For example – these trees, which you see now on the two photographs. The trees were photographed in August, 2010. A friend of mine had a trip to a range of mountains in Southern Kyrgyzstan, it is called Alay range of mountains.

Fir trees

Fir in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan


Juniper bushes

Juniper growing on a hill slope