The best way to make backup copies

This time I’d like to tell how I make backups of the digital data, which my computer accumulates over time. I mean the most important data for me, such as personal photographs, lists of passwords, internet browser links backups, etc.

As you know, sometime computer hard disk drives may crash, sooner or later, that’s why we need to backup the necessary and important digital data.

The best software package among those tested by myself is Acronis True Image, I’ve been using this software for about 2 years already, and it never failed.

With the help of Acronis True Image you can make backup copies of your files and folders as well as HDD partitions and HDD in whole. For example, it’s possible to make image of the C: partition of your HDD with Windows installed on it and store this image on a separate external HDD or other digital data storage device, such as SSD (Solid State Drive).

I’m still using the version of Acronis True Image Home released in 2010, just because my computer is rather old and the latest version of the software overloads my graphics card.

Acronis True Image Home - first start


Acronis True Image Home welcome screen


To make backup copies of your whole hard disk drive you need to have a spare separate HDD or SSD. And to make backup copies of a partition of your HDD, the same HDD with enough free space will do, but it is strongly recommended to use a separate data storage device in case the whole HDD crashes because of viruses, user or program error or just because the disk has become too old.

 It is better to create the so called Acronis Secure Zone on the available free space of digital data storage device to ensure that your backup copy won’t be damaged by any other software, such as viruses and other malware. This secure zone is made with Acronis True Image Home. Then you can make multiple backup copies of data on it and recover the data in case of the original data is damaged somehow.


Data recovery with Acronis True Image


It is possible to do many other tasks using Acronis software, it has protection tools and utilities such as data shredding as well as erasing whole partitions and HDDs, system cleaning, mounting backup images and so on.

Protection tools and other utilities in Acronis True Image 

Task schedule and management within Acronis True Image Home


Another interesting and useful feature in Acronis True Image is the so called «Try & Decide» mode. You may switch on the mode which helps prevent your system and data from damage by rolling back your system state in case of your computer becomes infected with a virus after visiting bad websites or installing unknown malfuctioning software.

Try & Decide feature of Acronis

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