Travel to Kyrgyzstan – 2008

Almost four years ago my two younger brothers went to Kyrgyzstan on important business. Because the youngest brother took a camera with him, I asked him to make some pictures in Kyrgyzstan. There are wonderful landscapes in the mountains of Central Asia, but somehow the shots turned out not so good, maybe because my brothers are not apt at photography.

I was born in Kadamzhay settlement, next to Kyrgyz-Uzbek frontier and Uzbek city of Ferghana. I recollect those lands with nostalgic feeling of irrevocable past.

Here are some of those photographs from the land where I had lived my life till 29.

Kadamzhay - view from the north


Mount Suleiman


Concrete mixer in Kadamzhay


From Pulgon to Kadamzhay


Bazaar in Osh city


Driving to Osh City


Irrigation device in Kadamzhay


Shohimordon River


Somewhere in Kyrgyz mountains


On the way from Osh to Bishkek

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