How to cook Easter eggs easily

Well, very soon in many countries people will start cooking Easter eggs. Dyeing Easter eggs is rather simple, but the process requires accuracy. Usually onions peel is used for dyeing eggs.

Take an armful of onions peel and put it into the casserole in which you are going to boil Easter eggs. Pour some water there and bring it to a boil, then keep on boiling for about ten minutes.

After that add some cold water and a spoon of salt, about one third of the already boiled water and onions peel and carefully put eggs into the casserole. Boil this for about another ten minutes, take the eggs out from the vessel where they have been cooked and put them into another vessel almost full with cold water, for further easy peeling. In about one or two minutes your Easter eggs will be ready.

Easter eggs dyed with onions peels

Also, it is possible to use some other natural coloring for dyeing Easter eggs, other than onions peel.

And that’s all! Enjoy this tasty and healthy food!

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