Snowy March 2013

Fillingstation in snow

Vyazma town

Enormous amounts of snow have fallen down all around central region of Russia. Many highways are jammed and impassable. The snow had been falling down all day long till late evening. If such a snowfall takes place another couple of days, the situation may become disastrous. Tomorrow I will make photographs nearby my country house and publish them here.

Update – 2013-03-17, 03:11:18. Here are some of those promised photos that I made yesterday in the evening:

Night snowfall

Night snowfall


A Russian girl in the night village

A Russian girl comes back to her village





Here’s another update as of 2013-04-07, 00:40:19

This sunset shot was taken on March 10, 2013:

 March sunset


And the next picture was taken on March 29 this year, while hiking to a local grocery store:

Snowy vista in march

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